JUDr. Barbora Bednaříková who is a member of our team, is also the author of the Czech Republic’s leading textbook in this area.

Her book covers the introduction of trusts into the Czech legal system.  Czech Svěřenské fondy are the modern equivalents of various historical forms of trust. JUDr Bednaříková traces the history of this institution from the original Roman fideicommissum  (or trust in the Anglo-Saxon legal system) through the tradition of family fideikomis in early modern Bohemia and the treatment of trusts in the 1811 Civil Code to their repeal in the 1964 Civil Code.

The book includes an analysis of the law in Western countries, where trusts are common and are frequently used to ensure the inter-generational transfer of assets and for asset protection.

JUDr Bednaříková focuses especially on the Anglo-Saxon trust as it has been embodied in the Quebec Civil Code since 1994.  This is especially important in an Czech context as the Quebec law is a direct model for the the new Czech Civil Code.

Based on the experience of the existing use of trusts in Quebec JUDr Bednaříková offers guidance on the practical application of trusts here in the Czech Republic.

The book is available from us for 365 CZK and is provided free of charge to our clients. You can also order a copy of the book online.  Please note: the book is currently only available in Czech.