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Example of the use of Czech Trusts for Publicly Beneficial Purposes

Posted on: 01 Apr


Svěřenské fondy a trusty announced that on behalf of a client who wishes to remain anonymous, it has established a trust for the purpose of owning Io, the moon of Jupiter.  The moon will be held in perpetuity for the benefit of all mankind

Ima Dzoker, Director of Space Operations at  SFT said today “With the increasing threats to the continued existence of life on earth due to global warming, pollution, and conflict, it is wonderful to know that we, the human race, now have a backup plan”

The moon is now owned by the Io Sverensky Fond.  The Trust is a public benefit trust which, as well as providing our client with some interesting taxation benefits, means that the moon will be protected in perpetuity against misuse and exploitation.

In due course, SFT Spacelabs (an operating subsidiary of Svěřenské fondy a trusty s.r.o.) plans an exploratory mission to Io.  Their main objective for this launch will be the planting of a Czech flag on the surface of the moon.  “This will be an important step in legitimising and legalising our claim under international law” says Ms. Dzoker .

The exact date of the launch will depend on the success of a crowdfunding campaign through which the trust hopes to raise sufficient money to pay for the launch rocket.

It is truly gratifying to work with visionary clients who see the tremendous potential for using Trusts to help their fellow men.