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A Second Edition

Posted on: 12 May

It was nice to learn that the first edition of our book, Svěřenské fondy – krok za krokem, has been successful; so successful it seems that it has sold out.

Next week we expect the second edition to arrive from the printers

Many ordinary Czech people already know something about trusts, and they are increasingly interested in knowing more. They are interested not just in how trusts can help the wealthy, but also how they can help their own families.  We suppose this is the main reason behind the success of our book.  Before our book came out there was no easily accessible source of this information.

Our book is aimed at these ordinary Czech people and is written in language that they can understand. Our aim was that the book would not be dry and boring, but rather as fun and entertaining as possible. We wanted to provide practical rather than theoretical information. Lots of great positive feedback from readers tells us we have succeeded in these goals

The second edition is updated with the latest information on the Register of Beneficial Ownership and includes two new chapters.

So if you have not already read it, now is a great time to order a copy of the second edition.  To order please contact us by email. The book costs 379 CZK plus 49 CZ postage and handling (a total of 428 Czech Crowns).