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APRSF Trustee Training Course

Along with Deloitte and J&T Family Office, we are contributors to this two-day course offered by APRSF – Asociace pro podporu a rozvoj svěřenských fondů, z. s., the Czech Republic’s professional trust organisation

The course provides an in-depth understanding of the structure, history and practical applications of Trusts in the Czech Republic as well as detailed coverage of the duties and obligations of trustees.

This course is designed for:

  • People who are considering, or have accepted, appointment as trustee of a Czech trust
  • Lawyers, financial advisers, notaries and others who would like a core knowledge of trusts – suitable for providing clients with advice
  • Anyone else seeking a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of trusts in the Czech Republic

For trustees, in most cases (depending on the terms of your trust documents) the cost of the course can be legitimately expensed to the trust.

Contact us for more information on the content of the course and for registration details.  The course is normally delivered in Czech but can be provided in English on demand.  The next course is scheduled for 24-25 November 2021.

The successful completion of the course, including the final examination, will result in the issue of an APRSF endorsed certificate of attendance and completion.

“In the past, I have participated in other courses on the topic of trust funds.  We have also already established a number of trusts for our clients. However, I rate your training as one of the best, mainly for its practical benefits. During the two days, we had the opportunity to discuss current and specific issues related to the establishment and management of trust funds with consultants, tax advisors, and bankers.  This took us to a deeper level within this  whole topic. ”(Mgr. Michal Míšek, Internal Lawyer and Estate Planning Specialist from Cimpel & Partners)

Training Seminars for Professionals

These are shorter courses – typically around two hours – offered to lawyers, notaries, tax advisers and financial advisers. This course provides professionals with a more detailed knowledge of Czech trusts.

It covers:

  • The key moments in the history of the development of trust funds
  •  The basics of trust funds and their position in the Czech legal environment
  • The current situation and state of the legislation including tax issues in the practical application of trust funds
  • Using concrete and practical examples, how trust funds help clients in the Czech Republic and other legal systems.
  • The key aspects of the foundation documentation and its preparation

These courses are provided on demand, often for in-house groups. For more information, please contact us at info@trusty.cz

Tailor Made Training

We can deliver training on any aspect of trusts for your or your group, tailored to your specific requirements. For more information, please contact us at info@trusty.cz