We offer guidance and access to trusts in reputable international jurisdictions.

Before considering an international solution, it is very important that we understand your objectives.

For many Czech-based clients, the use of international vehicles can be problematic due to higher costs and the potentially negative tax implications. However, having said that, these solutions can work for some Czech clients when structured correctly.

Reasons for using international trust structures include:

  • Situations where the trust assets and/or beneficiaries are located outside the Czech Republic and/or
  • The structure is designed to hold a substantial business or investment assets (valued in excess of EUR 1.5 million) and/or
  • The reassurance of using jurisdictions where trusts are long-established and/or
  • A higher need for confidentiality and/or
  • For non-Czech resident clients

When implementing international structures for clients we do so only using legally and ethically sound structures, and, where we deal with external partners, only reputable and experienced partners are used. We always ensure full compliance with all anti money laundering and other laws. We do this to protect ourselves, but also to protect our clients – Structures that are not legally and ethically robust are almost always problematic in the longer term.

If you think an international structure might be appropriate for you, please contact us for an initial free consultation.