We help educate our clients (and potential clients) with books, newsletters and videos

We believe that one of the best ways for us to grow our business is by educating the public about trusts.  We do that by trying to answer as many questions as we can on our website – especially in our FAQ section and by publishing regular educational newsletters and articles.



We also produce educational videos about trusts including this most recent one:



Finally, we help educate with books:

Czech Trusts – A Users Guide (James Turnbull and Eva Hruskova)

Many ordinary people know something about trusts, and are increasingly interested in knowing more. They are interested not just in how trusts can help the wealthy, but also how they can help their own families.

Until now there has not been any assessable source of this information.

Our book is aimed at these ordinary people and is written in language that they can understand. It is not dry and boring, but rather as fun and entertaining as possible. It provides practical rather than theoretical information.

The book will be published in early 2021 by a major Czech publishing house  You can click here for more information and to access preview chapters.


Svěřenské fondy. Institut pro uchování a převody rodinného majetku (JUDr. Barbora Bednaříková)

JUDr. Bednaříková is a member of our team.  Her legal textbook traces the history of this institution from the original Roman fideicommissum  (or trust in the Anglo-Saxon legal system) through the tradition of family fideikomis in early modern Bohemia and the treatment of trusts in the 1811 Civil Code to their repeal in the 1964 Civil Code.

The book includes an analysis of the law in Western countries, where trusts are common and are frequently used to ensure the inter-generational transfer of assets and for asset protection.

JUDr Bednaříková focuses especially on the Anglo-Saxon trust as it has been embodied in the Quebec Civil Code since 1994.  This is especially important in an Czech context as the Quebec law is a direct model for the the new Czech Civil Code.

The third edition of the book is currently being prepared.  If you would like to be informed when it is released, please contact us.  Please note: the book is only available in Czech.