Many hands make light work.  Our partners help us deliver great service


We work closely with a number of external partners who help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Charitable Partner

Nadace Partnerství

Our logo is a tree.For every new trust we establish we provide funding to Nadace Partnerství to improve our children’s world by planting real trees in the Czech Republic.

Accounting Partners

We work with accountants who have knowledge and experience with trusts including:

Kodap Jihlava s.r.o.

Matěj Nešleha and his team in Jihlava look after accounting and tax for clients who use our comprehensive administration packages

Tax Partner

We work with tax advisers who understand trusts and are able to deal with the sometimes complex needs of our clients. They include:


Bohdana Pražská and her colleagues know about trust tax and provide professional services in this area. They are able to help clients with complex tax advice whether related to Czech of international trust solutions.


Legal Partners

We work with hundreds of lawyers throughout the Czech Republic to meet the needs of their clients and we value each and every one of those relationships.  We have special relationships with these law firms:


We work closely with Barbora Simarova and her team. They handle legal work that clients’ lawyers are unable to deal with and ensure the document templates we use comply with Czech law.


Bulinský, Vávra & Partners

We offer our services in Brno in partnership with Vladimir Bulinsky, and his team.

Advokátní kancelář Králík & Pavlík

JUDr. Jiří Králík and his colleagues are great supporters and advocates for our business in the Hradec Kralove and Pardubice regions


Other Partners

Our other partners include:

CFF Consulting

CFF Consulting helps protect clients against unauthorised execution including unauthorised attempts at execution for debts of the near ones. In addition, they are able to help the debtors themselves in many cases.

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